Sublease Your Office Space

What is our strategy to Sublease Your Office Space in Atlanta?

  • We’ll complete a thorough review of your current lease agreement for a clear understanding of the sublease approval process and terms required by your Landlord.
  • Analyze current available space in the same building or surrounding buildings.
  • We’ll create an impressive digital marketing brochure that will include all the important information such as the rates, pictures, links to videos, and floor plans, to share with brokers and prospective subtenants.
  • We will send out weekly emails to the Atlanta brokerage community (over 3,000 brokers) along with our marketing flyer to make them aware of your sublease listing and encourage space tours.
  • List your office sublease space with each of the commercial real estate listing services.
  • We’ll include your sublease listing on each of our company websites ( &
  • We’ll post your listing on all of the popular social media and business networking websites.
  • Solicit your available space to every suitable company in your building and the office Submarket.
  • We will negotiate the best possible rate and terms for your sublease space.
  • Prepare and draft the required documentation for all transactions and ensure that all the various terms and conditions have been listed and will be met by all parties.

Our specialized process is aimed at generating substantial interest quickly, with the ultimate goal of providing you with the perfect subtenant who is qualified and approved within a short timeframe.