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Where you work impacts how you work. For high-growth companies that are making Atlanta their home, the wrong office with the wrong lease terms can drain resources, employee morale, and your ability to pivot and scale. Finding the perfect office is critical to your company’s long-term success; it influences recruitment, client relationships, employee productivity and workspace efficiency. 

With PCRE as your real estate partner, your company will be able to locate one-of-a-kind offices that you may not find anywhere else. As Atlanta’s economy and real estate have boomed, we’ve grown alongside it. 

Nobody knows this city better!

Your fast-growing company deserves clear, quick, flexible & affordable insights into the Atlanta real estate market. This is what PCRE excels in and we'll make sure you're company's interests are protected on all fronts!

Consider Everything and Everyone

When searching for a new workspace, every decision you make has an impact—now and for the future:

- What will this location mean for your employees?
- How will your clients feel when they walk in the door?
- Is there parking?
- Great lunch spots nearby?
- Charging stations for electric vehicles?
- What’s the cost of living in the surrounding neighborhoods?

We’ve helped hundreds of high-growth companies find the perfect home in Atlanta. We know the questions to ask, and we know the answers we need. PCRE will help you create a real estate plan that misses nothing.
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Time Is Money

If you want an office with flexible and attractive terms, you need to start the process early. The longer you wait, the less leverage you have and the more you will end up paying (or sacrificing) in the end. By starting now, and by leading you through our simple and smart process, we can ensure that you make savvy, money-saving moves at every step.
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Work With Experts

Every client and every project at PCRE receives principal-level attention. Here, the team of experts who will be handling your leasing project—from brokers to project managers—will be discerning, experienced professionals who know the Atlanta market inside and out. You will get opportunities and insights you won’t find anywhere else.
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Ideal Terms

Ideal Terms

Our experience doesn’t only mean you will see office options nobody else can offer; it also means you will secure the most financially responsible solution. We have relationships with landlords and developers that go back many years. We know how to negotiate a flexible, friendly lease that allows your company to grow.


Just provide us with your wishlist & we'll find the best sublease options (this is our speacialty!) available for your company's space requirements & send you the details (usaually within 24-hrs). This is super easy!

...is the local commercial brokerage firm who created and maintains this website. PCRE has been helping companies in Atlanta for 25-years. If you don't find a perfect sublease space on this website, we can certainly help you explore direct lease options too! 

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With deep roots in the Atlanta market—we see almost every sublease deal in town. Our leasing team knows who’s searching for what, where, and when and we know how to match the challenges presented by today’s tenant with your sublease goals.

Let us boost your profits—and lower your risk—by targeting ideal subtenants and negotiating the most favorable sublease terms.

If you’re company wants to sublease their office space, you’ll find no finer partner than PCRE & AtlantaSublease.com. Please complete this short form and we’ll get back to you soon!

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