Find A Sublease

Our brokerage team, Peachtree Commercial Real Estate, will be your very own real estate experts throughout the process of subleasing commercial office space in Atlanta; from site selection, to sublease negotiations, and all the way to occupancy. We will successfully identify and secure the perfect location for your business and aim to reduce your overall expenses so that we can help you save money on your bottom line. Our services might be free of charge to you, but the value speaks for itself. We will help you to reduce your liabilities and risks and this will allow you to spend your energy on your own business. By choosing Peachtree Commercial Real Estate, you know that your business and your interests are well taken care of and that the best terms are negotiated for you.  Click here to search our Top Picks by Submarket.


You do not have to pay anything to use our services. If an office space is listed for sublease, the listing broker has already negotiated a commission agreement with the company who is offering their space for sublease. If a sublease agreement is finalized, we divide the commission with the listing agent; so why not put some of these funds towards a broker representing your company’s best interests? We serve as your own personal realtors but we do not charge you for this. Leasing a commercial space for your business is one of the most expensive business decisions that you will have to make, so our expertise can help you in making sure that you have chosen the best possible option.