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    About Subleasing Office Space

    Subleasing office space means you are leasing office space from an existing tenant. You see not every company knows how their space needs might change when they commit to leasing an office space for a number of years. Sometimes a company needs more space, less space, or their business plans change and there’s still time remaining on their lease.

    In one of those situations rather than having to continue paying the rent they find another company looking to rent office space. The two parties agree to a lease term, rate, and conditions and an office sublease agreement is signed by both. The original tenant is still ultimately responsible to the landlord for the master lease requirements however now they have someone else paying all or most of the original rent obligation.

    Benefits of Subleasing Office Space:

    • Rental rates are typically 10% to 30% below market
    • Possibility for shorter sublease terms
    • Sometimes they are plug-n-play with furniture, phones, and other equipment

    Disadvantages To Subleasing Office Space:

    • Not able to negotiate the terms of the master lease
    • If master tenant defaults on the lease the subtenant could be required to move out unless arrangements with the landlord direct are made
    • Sometimes take a little longer to execute because the sublease has to be approved by the landlord, tenant, and subtenant
    • Renewal options do not typically convey with a sublease
    • Sublease space is normally taken “as is”
    • You might get a sweet deal now however there’s a good chance the direct lease rate will much higher after the sublease expires. is an unrivaled resource for inside information on current sublease opportunities and our listing services are unmatched. Contact us today!

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    Why It Is Important To Use A Commercial Broker

    Commercial real estate is a complex business. And, a commercial real estate deal is one of the most important decisions you will make for your company. Without the right guidance and support, you could very well find yourself in a real estate nightmare.

    • If faced with a lawsuit, would you defend yourself? Probably not. (Not recommended)
    • If you broke your arm, would you set your own cast? Most definitely not.

    Ensure you are negotiating the best possible terms, while saving yourself both time and money, by engaging a commercial broker who specializes in TENANT REPRESENTATION. 

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    How Are Brokers Paid?

    The good news? Not by you!

    One of the biggest misconceptions these days is that you’ll save money on your company’s office space if you find it on your own and don’t use a broker. What most people don’t realize is that IF the office space they’ve found online or off a sign is “listed” a broker commission has already been negotiated. If you’re not being represented by a broker this commission will be paid fully to the listing broker who represents the building owner’s interests (not yours or your company’s). However, if you are utilizing a tenant representative broker, the commission will be split between the listing broker and your broker who is looking out for you. 

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