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About Subleasing

Not every company knows how their space needs might change when they commit to leasing an office space. Sometimes a company needs more space, less space, or their business plan changes and there’s still time remaining on their lease. Offering your company’s space for Sublease can be a great solution. Subleases are our specialty and we’d welcome an opportunity to help. is an unrivaled resource for inside information on current sublease opportunities and our listing services are unmatched.

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Why it is Important to use a Broker

You can think of us as your own private real estate department that comes complete with market research, best practices, and expert leasing expertise.

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How are we paid?

We’re only paid if and when we secure a sublease space for our client, or help our client sublease their space to another company. If we help you secure a sublease space our commission is paid by the company who subleases their space to your company. On the other hand, If your company hires use to sublease your space, the commission is included in the cost to sublease your space. 

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